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Vintage Magazine Art covers 

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Haskel Coffin Covers c. 1920's $25-$35

Vintage Coca Cola Ads c. 1900-1950 $15-$25

Rare Norman Rockwell WWII cover 1942--$40.

Vintage Beach Mag Covers c. 1920-1939 $35/ea.

Ladies Home Journal c. Jan. 1906 ADS! $25 A bit rough.

Ladies Home Journal c. March 1903 $35

Covers c. 1910-1930 $35/ea.

Covers c. 1910-1930 $35/ea.

The Classic French Perfume Company c. 1910-1930 $45/ea.

ADS c. 1900-1930 $25-$75/ea.

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Maxfield Parrish art prints

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MP Print Cool Victorian style Rabbit. Ladies Home Journal Circa 1903. Mint condition with pristine color. Large --10 x 16; $49.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP Print Classic Ladies Home Journal cover. Circa 1910. By Lowell.10 x 16 inches. $49.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP Print Classic large ad from Ladies Home Journal. $35.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP Print Large LHJ ad for Wlech's. --c. 1903. $35.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP Print Maxfield Parrish ad for Oneida. Circa 1918. MINT color. NOT Framed. Excellent condition. Period frame. 10 x 16 inches; $95.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP Print Lantern Bearers. Circa 1928. MINT color. Small version of the above piece. Cal. of Cheer. Excellent condition. Period frame. 6 x 8; $475.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER
MP print Queen Gulnare. C. 1909. Plate illustration published by Scribner's. In excellent condition. 7 x 10 inches; Image 6.5 x 5. inches. Guaranteed old. Also, available: Prince Codadad; Ali Baba; Alladin; Prince Agib; City of Brass;Cassim; The Talking Bird/Singing Tree; King of the Black isles; Fisherman and the Genie--same specs and cost ($85/ea.) as the Queen Gulnare. All are framed. $85.00 E-MAIL TO ORDER