Large Inventory of Salesman Samples Acquired

We have purchased a large inventory
of salesman sample art prints and calendars
from the 1920's. The majority of these
art pieces are by R. Atkinson Fox 
William Thompson and Charles Relyea.
Subjects include Art Deco Ladies, Cottages,
Landscapes, Moonlight Scenes and many other
subject matters.  The picture above shows
some of Wm. Thompson's work.  These are large 
calendars.  Like most salesman samples, the
calendars show the first month of the year.
As you know, pristine color and condition
is vital to value in the original art print
market. This inventory is in incredible 
condition!  Find these pieces under the
links for each individual artist--at our
home page.
The above pictured 8 x 10 Thompson Salesman Samples are an example-- value priced at $49/ea. or all six for $189. Pristine condition--circa 1940's.

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