Thomas Moran--and family

The following is from Moran's art publisher--circa 1918

Thomas Moran is generally considered the dean of American landscape artists. He was born in England in 1837 and came to America at the age of seven with his parents--who had emigrated. He later studied in London, Paris and Italy. While in London he was a pupil of the great English artist Turner. As a young man he traveled extensively throughout the United states. While in the Southwest he painted 'Grand Canyon of Yellowstone' and the 'Chasm of Colorado.' Both of these paintings were purchased by Congress and hang in the corridors of the Senate. Now in his late 70's he spends considerable time in California--in the Monterey area.

Vintage Thomas Moran Art print-- c. 1918. 'The Pacific at Monterey' $125.

Two vintage Thomas Moran Art prints-- c. 1920's. $75/ea.
VENICE 1 30 X 18 $150

For Majestic American series--Vintage Thomas Moran Art print-- c. 1920. 'The Pacific at Monterey' $75.
VENICE 2 16 X 12 $100
VENICE 3 17 X 12 $50 CATARACT CANON C. 1898 16 X 12 $125 SOLD DESERT SCENE 16 X 12 $75 LANDSCAPE MTN/LK. 8 X 6 $55 sold DESERT SCENE-ORANGE C. 1910'S (10) 12 X 8 $50/EACH

Vintage Moran Art print-- Desert with rider on horizen $185.
C. 1920's HORSERIDER IN DESERT 14 X 9 $175 SOLD LANDSCAPE 18 X 10 C. 1920'S 18 X 10 $95 CALEDONIA C. 1920'S 14 X 10 $125

Various Vintage Moran Art prints $65-$85.
YOSEMITE 20 X 12 $145 A loving father & beloved Pres.(lincoln)14 x 10 $95 LANDSCAPE W/EAGLE C.1903 20 X 15 $75 SOLD

Moran 1920's Ocean $85.

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