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08/01/02--We have added a number of large art prints by Andrew Wyeth (son of N. C. Wyeth). Here is the link: Andrew Wyeth Link Always adding new inventory to other links--including Maxfield Parrish and R. Atkinson Fox pages.

10/01/01--Check out the recently designed Atkinson Fox Pseudonym page.

8/4/01---We have added a number of new pages associated with inventory for the following artists and genre's:

Charles Relyea

Harrison Fisher

Charles Dana Gibson

Howard Chandler Christy

Haskell Coffin

Edward Penfield

Cowboy & Indian Prints

Art Deco

Magazine Ads

Hunting Prints

Children Prints

Animal Prints

Ballet Prints

Flower Prints

Vintage Ship Prints

Coca Cola Ads c. 1900-1950

Classic Illustrated Books

Check it out!

4/30/01-- Art Vintage Ltd. has made a major purchase of 1920's salesman sample art prints and art calendars. Artists include R. Atkinson Fox, Charles Relyea, William Thompson and many others. Check out the aforementioned original art via the respective artists inventory page(s). Also, look for other samples via the Treasure Trove/Bargain Page Link . These art pieces have pristine color and are in excellent condition.--Steve Henderson

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