The girl standing is Maxfield Parrish's daughter Jean. The young woman reclining is William Jennings Bryan's granddaughter.

This art print is titled Enchantress by Rolf Armstrong. Circa 1923.

This is an exceptional Deco piece--Nude on a Swing. Circa 1920's. $175.

This is an exceptional Nouveau piece--Babies. Nice Deco frame Circa 1920's. $135.

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By Maxfield Parrish

Daybreak 18 x 30. Circa 1923. prisitne

Daybreak 10 x 18 Circa 1923. Pristine.

Circe's Palace. 9 x 11 Circa 1907. $195.

Old Romance. 9x 6. Published by Scribner's.
Circa 1907.  $145.

Seven Green Pools of Cintra. 9x 6. $145.

By R. Atkinson Fox

Sunrise. 8 x 6.  Circa 1920's. Pristine.  
Salesman sample.
Circa 1920's.  $145.

Spirit of Youth.  10 x 18.  Circa 1920's.  $165.

10 x 12. Circa 1920's. $165.

Dawn.  Circa 1920's. 18 x 30. Original 
Publishing house frame. Pristine. $395.

Dawn.  Circa 1920's.  10 x 18. $175.

Oriental Dreams. Circa 1920's 9x 12. $225.

By Charles Relyea

Absence Makes the heart grow Fonder.
Circa 1920's. Salesman sample.
6 x 8. $145.

By Zula Kenyon

Sold out.

By Gene Pressler

Sold Out.

By C. K. Van Nortwick

Dawn of Day.  Circa 1930. 6 x 8.

By the Garden Of dreams. C. 1929.
10 x 12 $155.

By Harvey Dunn

Man & woman in British Sportscar Covertible
Circa 1905.  Published by Scribner's 9 x 6.

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