Atkinson Fox's Grandson, Charles Atkinson Fox, sent me this picture. It is the original oil on canvas of an Indian in the wilds of New Jersey-- or what used to be the N.J. wild's! This piece was never used to create art prints.

Atkinson Fox Probable Page

As most of you are aware, RAF painted under a number of so called pseudonyms. These psuedonyms have been determined by a combination of factors--such as:

1) The original oil is found-- signed by Fox.

2) The Fox family has unique information about a particular piece or artist pseudonym.

3) An art print is found signed Fox--with the same print found signed with another name OR various pseudonyms.

4) The various art publishing houses have records providing details. Note: The signature A. Fox found on many art prints is the name of a art publishing house --not affiliated with the artist Atkinson Fox.

5) Exhibition records highlight information.

6) Finally, the art style is so similar that it leads a reasonable person to conclude that the piece must be attributed to Fox. Presently, this is the least likely factor to be accepted by RAF fanatics. This will likely ease as time goes by.

Most Fox enthusiasts agree the following are confirmed pseudonyms/ or highly likely Fox pseudonyms:

Atkins;Banks;Carr;Colvin;DeForest;Brush;Dupre; Lewis;Musson;Turner;Wainright;Wainwright; White;Wood;West;Morgan;Hedges;Wilson;Weeks; Reynard;Whitney;Watson;Childs;Dillsworth; Vandervoort;Stacey;Wild & King.

Recently, I found the RAF piece known as The Silent Rockies (bear) attributed to a Hopkins! The Indian piece known as
There are other probable Atkinson Fox pieces that have never been found signed by any artist--or confirmed by other means. Nevertheless, the Fox characteristics are very evident. See what you think? A very good example is the Indian Maiden below known as Minneota.

Comparison of Minneota (left) and confirmed Fox piece In Moonlight Blue.

Original oil on canvas of an Indian piece titled: A Child of Nature.

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