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Note: If you are interested in several items we will let you know what the shipping charges are by e-mail. Questions? Contact us at: Art Vintage E-Mail
Buyer has three days to examine the item(s) before the sale is final. Buyer must notify us before the three days is over by E-Mail if they want to return the item(s) for a full refund. All return postage and insurance will be paid by the buyer.
Tax: We are required to add SalesTax of 8.25% to orders shipped to the state of Washington residents
Shipping: Shipping is typically $5 (Small print)to $20 (large Framed print) for mailing and packaging for one item. b>
NOTE: TOTAL DUE: Item price +  Shipping + Tax(if in WA)
Payment Method: At this time we only accept checks or money orders. My Address is below, confirm order with this form or E-mail before sending check. I will send you a confirmation by E-mail.
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To send a check or money order, please make it payable to:
Art Vintage Ltd.
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