Art Vintage Ltd. Authentication Service

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder--Charles Relyea c. 1920's

Art Vintage Ltd. provides guidance 
authenticating American illustrator 
art prints.  Please inquire about 
professional fee's.Art Vintage Ltd. 
offers our clients a 
ballpark estimate of value on 
original American art prints.  To take 
advantage of this service you must first set up 
a pre-paid initial account.  The account 
requires a $25 deposit.

*The cost for a routine authentication  
of an original American Art Print is typically 
Or it can be FREE****

*The cost for a routine print identification 
of artist or name is typically $20.
Or it can be FREE****

* The cost for a print appraisel is 
typically $25.
Or it can be FREE****

****In the alternative, either service can be FREE!  
Just buy a print from Art Vintage Ltd.  
For each print purchased you get one service free.

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