Art Vintage Ltd. Appraisal Service

Art Vintage Ltd. offers our clients a  
estimate of value or appraisal on Original/Old 
American Art Prints.  To take advantage
of this service you must first set up 
a pre-paid initial account. The appraisal service 
costs $25  for an 
appraisal of up to two art prints.
or it can be FREE (see below)****  
*The cost for a routine identification 
of artist is $10.
Or it can be FREE (see below)****

* The cost for a print authentication is 
 $25. Is it old or a reproduction?
Or it can be FREE (see below)****

****In the alternative, these services can be FREE! 

1) Any one service is free, if you have purchased 
an art piece from Art Vintage Ltd previously.  
For each print purchased you get one of the  above 
services free.

2) If your interest in  the appraisal is to potentially sell 
the art to Art Vintage, and we  ultimatly purchase your art,
the appraisel fee is rebated back to you. 

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