Very rare Goddard Nymph--c. 1920's--10 x 12 inches. -- $225.

Rare Goddard Art Deco Enchanted Lady --c. 1920's -- $125.

Lady and horse --c. 1920's -- $125.

Various Salesman sample calendars with art prints-- Circa 1920's $45-$95.

Various Goddard art prints--c. 1920's. $65-$75.

L. Goodard

Extremely rare Indian Maiden print Circa 1925. "Beacon of Light" This is a celluloid type material approx. 8 x 10 inches. This piece has been rolled for many years--hence, very pristine colors (which is not captured by the picture above). This art print has evidence of roll marks. $125. ---SOLD


All prints are guaranteed original in good to excellent condition.

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